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About me

I'm from Warwickshire, England but have been raised all over the world, including India, Italy and Canada. I'm currently studying BA Photography at the University of the West of England. However I do love to explore other creative subjects including; film, media, print and design. Magazines including The Face and Dazed really inspire me, I love all the projects they work on, especially the films they create for their YouTube channels. Documentary and real life subjects is what entices me the most as I think that it's important to focus and educate on what is real and factual. I want my career and creative journey to look at these themes and see where celebrating life can lead. Hopefully it will inspire others and give hope to a very cynical world that feels unsalvageable at times. I hope that I can always be doing what I love, meet beautiful people and work on amazing projects, making a difference. Let's see what the future holds...


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